Take the Lead Essential Pack

Delicious premium drinks with proven nutrient-rich superfoods that support your everyday whole-body vitality. 

Ditch pills, bulky bottles, and ineffective supplements with various healthy sprays. Experience new ways to achieve optimal health with just a spritz of our oral mists. 

With guidance from industry experts learn all about budgeting, debt management, and planning for retirement. Get Live training, community updates, and access to a crypto algorithm to tread Bitcoin automatically. 

Ensure your financial independence to live freely and prepare for the future ahead.
Products included: 1 Alive black label in Alive Welcome Kit, 2 Alive blue label, 2 Alive black label, 1 Alive ABC, 1 Water bottle, 1 Shot glass, 1 Vision, 1 Dreaming, 1 B-Fit, 1 Calm, 1 Empowered, 2 Forever Young and 1 Krave.

Services Included: Annual VB kit, 1 month of Financial Literacy 1.0, 1 month of Financial Literacy 2.0 + App, 1 month of Financial Literacy 2.0 Plus